Technology Strategy

You run a startup or SMB, that means you have a vision; something you’d like to achieve or some way you wish the world to be. Whatever direction your business is heading, together we can develop and implement the perfect strategy to leverage technology and get you there faster.

Management Consulting

After a decade of working with the world’s largest organisations across 4 continents, we can show your organisation the secrets to success; scalability, automation and continuous improvement are of primary importance when setting up a well-run organisation.

Mobile Apps

If your business needs to be available to customers 24/7, put yourself in their hands, literally. Mobile apps provide the flexibility, simplicity and automation required to ensure your customers and staff can interact with your business any time of day, any day of the week. We develop custom, cross-platform and native apps for iOS and Android.

Social Media Marketing

Social media puts your business in front of much larger audiences than offline communities, bigger isn’t always better though. Learn how to leverage social media to reach more interested people instead of just random people. We guarantee you an organic, first page slot on Google. Ask us how!


If you sell something you can sell it online. eCommerce is fast becoming the easiest and most effective way to interface with customers, automate order fulfilment and manage your supply chain. We can tailor an eCommerce solution to meet your needs, it really doesn’t cost much to set up and is practically free to run. After you’ve made a few sales without having to be personally involved in every aspect of the transaction it’s paid for itself!

Web Design

87% of consumers buy something only after they’ve researched it online. Can customers find you online or are they finding your competition?TechTango provides a range of services for helping your business get online and in-front of your market. We’ve helped these businesses achieve things they never thought possible, contact us right now! and we’ll help you too.

Premium Hosting

Our hosting packages are designed to ensure your site always available. We only use the fastest disks (SSDs) and Linux OS to ensure speed and reliability. To top it off, our fault-tolerant, eco friendly data centres use 70% less power on cooling than traditional data centres and by hosting your site through us, you’re supporting Trees For The Future.

Application Integration

Are you still duplicating effort by maintaing the same information in multiple systems? Perhaps you have an accounting system, a payroll system and an inventory system. Do they talk to each other or are they making you run around like an idiot? TechTango makes applications play nicely together so when you do something in one application, other connected software is kept up-to-date.